Saturday, January 06, 2007

Remembering Atlantic City

Last year for my birthday my boyfriend took me to Atlantic City....he said that we could go and loose some money. I'm not a gambler per say, but since I've never been, I thought that it would be a lot of fun! All year I would see ads and commercials about it, & I kept saying that I wanted to go. I've been to Las Vegas more times than I can count, and everytime I went I had alot of fun.

We took the drive down, and I was so surprised....It was beautiful!! We took a drive through the area, saw all of the stores and my eyes lite up like a kid in a candy store...he saw me, laughed, and promised we'd go shopping the following day. We stayed at Bally's, in a beautiful two room suite...I bounced all over the room as if I was loaded with chocolate. When I finally calmed down, we showered, changed, and hit the casino's. I stayed near him because, like I said, the gambling set just isn't me. I watched him win...then lose a little more. He seemed happy with the game and a few drinks...then he sent me away.
So, on my own, I lingered around, trying to stay close to him as if something was bound to happen. I don't know how to play anything except for Go Fish & I-D-Clare-War, lol. Naturally, where do you think I ended up??? You got it, the slot machines!

I watched my mother play the slots EVERY single time we went to Vegas, and figured with the amount of time I've seen her sit still in front of them, it must be fun. Off I went.....about an hour later, my boyfriend called my cell wondering where I was. When he found me I was in slot machine heaven!

He asked if I was ready to go and I looked at him as if he had ten heads. Why was he laughing at me, lol??? I told him that I couldn't leave because there was a lurker trying to get my machine. Since he gave me the confused, what in the world are you talking about look, I explained...A lurker is someone who lingers around the slot machine that your playing, waits for you to leave then jumps on the machine to see if they can win. After another hour or so, he pulled me away, stating that he thought I may be getting addicted. Who?? Me?? LMBO!!

We had a GREAT TIME!!! But, now I have a gambling itch...what do I do now?? It's not an addiction, I think I just want to do it because it makes me remember the fun I had that weekend. But here's something he doesn't know...they have sites online that I can play the slots! Yup!! I can play anytime I wanna, :-P !! So, outside of blogging..I'll be slot-ing? Is that politically correct?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Double O-7 Blogging

In speaking with some friends, I've decided to keep this's meant alot to me and apparently to others as well. Since I'm still "Processing", I figured, why not? I think I have more than enough posts still lingering in my head to serve all of my blogs. I am still in search of a blog host for "Inside of Me". But, staying true to my word, if I don't find one by Sunday, I will more than likely start using blogger as it's home.